Dave's Character


Born 8th son to a poor family of 11 children in a village far from the main trade routes. Krintanus from his earliest recollections always looked after his younger siblings and all and any of the young in the village that needed help. He would always back down from fighting the bullies in the village as he never wanted to hurt anyone even in defense of others.
It wasn’t until a traveling warrior monk of St Cuthbert took him under his influence that he changed his way of dealing with the bullies. The monk was able to explain to him in a way that altered his outlook “protecting the weak from injustice will sometimes lead to necessary violence in order to truly see Justice served”

Krintanus still considers violence a last resort but will now whole heartedly step up to fight to protect those that cannot protect themselves or to stop a great injustice\evil.
His only needs are travel fare and the clothes on his back all other things he considers superfluous and he will go out of his way to give of his time and coin to help others that need it more.


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