Shackled City - hWo Style

Godsday, 11th of Patchwall 592 CY (Part 2)

After the near death experience attempting to fight in the dark, the party retreated back into the invisibility room to regroup. After healing the injured members of the group, they investigated the tunnel heading to the west of the room they had just fled from. The first room that was investigated was filled with rubble, though a lever on the wall did attract some attention, before the room was left for another.

Inside this room, the party was attacked by another of the small shadowy creatures that had attacked them previously, but luckily this time they were able to dispatch the creature without too much trouble. Terolias Vestian took what Harthag convinced him was a magic cloak from the dead creature, as the creature had appeared to use the cloak during the course of battle to make himself harder to hit.

The group then retraced their steps back through the invisibility room and travelled south through the tunnels. Much to their surprise, the first room they encountered was filled with grass, trees and sunlight seemingly coming through from the sky above, yet it seemed clear that they were still well below the city of Cauldron. While some of the party were not fazed by this oddity, Terolias and Drezek Tiden at first refused to leave the tunnel to step into the grassy field. Krintanus took the lead and explored further to the south, leaving the forest behind and entering into a large room that looked to have been at one time a large dining hall. After seemingly finding nothing but more impassable doors, the group returned to the tunnel, going back through the forest.

The tunnel continued forward a ways, opening up into a web filled room that looked to have once been a kitchen. Harthag took the lead in exploring the room, and was almost immediately jumped near the fireplace by another of the small sneaky creatures. The attack was so vicious that Harthag was almost lost to the party, with only a quick stabilizing heal by Drezek possibly preventing the death of the Gnome. Daranoth Tiden waded into the battle, and engaged the creature face to face, while Terolias and Krintanus moved in to attack. Unfortunately, there was another creature hiding in the room, and the battle was soon being fought on multiple fronts. Terolias soon went down as well, and Daranoth was being attacked from all sides. Luck seemed to be with them however, as the first of the small creatures soon fell, and the second then attempted to flee, an attempt that was cut short when he was bought down by the chasing Daranoth and Krintanus.

With the danger seemingly averted, the group began to search the room. However, it was clear that even an empty room was not safe in this place, as an old cabinet had been rigged to collapse, and Drezek fell victim to the cunning trap, luckily managing to avoid the worst of it. Further searching of the room however did yield a key item, as the group found a 5 inch metal rod with the gnomish rune for ‘Z’ on it. Believing that they had found a key to some of the gear shaped doors, things seemed to be looking up for the group.

Given their depleted resources, and the near death experiences of some members of the party, they decided to return to the Church of St Cuthbert to take advantage of the healing that had been offered to them there, and to also get a nights rest before returning the next day. Their exit was without incident, and after a few hours at the Church getting cleaned up, the night was spent once again in Keygan Ghelve’s shop.



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