Shackled City - hWo Style

Moonday, 10th of Patchwall (Part 3) to Godsday, 11th of Patchwall 592 CY

Upon returning to the home of Keygan Ghelve, and finding it empty, the party immediately set to work blocking up the entrance into Jzadirune to prevent any further intrusions into Cauldron while the party gathered supplies and rested. Leaving Daranoth Tiden and Harthag at Keygan’s shop, the rest of the group ventured back into the city in the hopes of securing more supplies and possibly some additional aid.

The rest of the parties first stop was at the Church of St Cuthbert, where they were hoping that Jenya Urikas would be able to provide some assistance, perhaps allowing Ruphus Laro to accompany them back into Jzadirune. Unfortunately, Jenya is not the sort to tolerate any weakness, and while she sympathised with the groups attempts to seek additional aid, she was not able to provide much beyond verbal encouragement to the party.

Leaving empty handed, the group next made their way towards Zanathor’s Provisions to gather some additional supplies. Along the way, Terolias Vestian realized that the group was being followed, and he attempted to double back in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the culprit. However, the individual seemed to always be one step ahead of him, and beyond some glimpses that identified the pursuer as a medium sized humanoid, he was unable to gather any additional information.

Upon reaching Zanathor’s shop, Terolias reacquainted himself with his old friend, whom he had often visited during his tours of the city. Zanathor and the group spent some time talking about the quest the party was on, along with some general chatter about the incidents occurring in the city, before they purchased their supplies and returned to Keygan’s shop, where the rest of the group had been keeping watch.

By the time the party had reunited, it was getting late in the evening, and the group decided to spend the night in Keygan’s shop before returning down into Jzadirune.

Godsday, 11th of Patchwall 592 CY

The night passed without incident and after some time was spent preparing for the journey, the group cleared the secret doorway and returned into Jzadirune.

Deciding the try a different direction then they had the previous day, the party returned to the room where they had fought the day before so that they could investigate one of the circular tunnels that led from the room. After continuing down the tunnel for some ways, the tunnel emptied into a room. Terolias was the first into the room, with Daranoth entering right behind him…but as soon as Daranoth stepped into the room, he appeared to vanish!

At the same time, an order came from somewhere in the room, speaking Gnomish, to attack the intruders, and suddenly, appearing out of seemingly nowhere, a large mechanical creature with two large drills as hands moved to attack Terolias. After some brief confusion, Harthag attempted to shut the creature down by shouting a deactivate order to it in Gnomish, and luckily for the party it worked, causing the creature to cease its attacks.

After some investigation, it was clear that there was some sort of invisibility effect occuring in certain spots in this room, which explained the constantly vanishing party members, as well as the mechanical creature appearing from nowhere.

The group then continued to investigate the areas leading from the room, and soon found yet another of the gear doors marked with a gnomish glyph. Deciding to try to use the automaton to their advantage, Harthag reactivated the creature and set it to work making a hole in the door. After some time, a small hole was made, and Harthag was able to see into the room. While Harthag was working on the door, the rest of the party investigated one of the other tunnels leading from the invisibility room, and quickly realized that the tunnel connected into the very room Harthag was trying to drill into.

Regrouping, and then entering the room, the party found what looked to be some sort of workshop, with tables and a large unlit oven dominating much of the room. As they entered, Terolias spotted a creature hiding in the corner of the room, seemingly hoping to avoid detection by the group, and being aided by the fact that he was oddly transparent. Initial attempts to communicate with the creature failed, though Harthag was able to communicate in the creatures language briefly before the creature became hostile and a battle broke out.

Unfortunately for the party, the tall creature had a number of tricks up his sleeve, and after Krintanus engaged the creature, he cast some sort of spell on the room causing it to be filled with a thick fog, before the creature attempted to flee out of the room. With the thick fog making it almost impossible to see, the party stumbled around in an attempt to chase the creature. Both Daranoth and Krintanus were able to follow the creature for a ways, but it soon became clear that blindly attempting to follow this creature was not a good idea as Daranoth was almost slain by an attack that he never saw coming.

Realizing that retreating was likely their best option, the party pulled back out of the room, back through the tunnel they had come from, and regrouped in the invisibility room to heal their wounds and recover. If anything is clear so far, it is that the dangers in Jzadirune are many, and that one can never tell what might be lurking in the next room…



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